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The Back Story

So why do we need another midi foot controller?

The answer is quite simple. Because we knew we could do it better. No controller on the market has managed to merge simplicity and affordability with extensive pro level features. There are an enormous variety of DAWs, samplers, loopers and amp modelling packages out there, each with specific midi requirements, but not one midi controller seems to provide the versatility needed to "do everything" at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the ones that do provide good functionality require deep pockets and a computer science degree to operate.

As a a group of musicians, software developers and electronics guys, we wanted a clean and simple floor controller capable of sending any number of midi messages, of any type, to any midi channel, from any one button. And then there was the most important thing... it had to be easy to program with free open source software.


So what can it do?

Imagine playing rhythm guitar through your favourite amp modelling app and you want to break into a solo. With the touch of a button you could change banks, select a patch, turn on the chorus pedal and pump up the volume. All that with just one press. Heck, you could even add turning on your strobe light and smoke machine for extra cheese.

A simpler use for the midiflorian could be to have the top row of buttons attached to amplifier presets while the bottom row is used for switching on the stomp boxes inside of those presets.

The midiflorian's buttons can be programmed to be momentary or latching. Momentary means foot down for note on, release for note off. Perhaps you are a one man band and have musical chords programmed into each preset. Each button could play a particular chord in a piano synth on one midi channel and pluck the root note on double bass on another channel. Maybe even kick off your drum synth at the same time.

If you are studio recording artist you could have the midiflorian manage punching in and out on selected tracks. Other buttons could be tied to your transport. Rewind, stop, play and fast forward, each tied to a different button.

Are you a looping specialist? Well, each button could be programmed to arm recording on a new track, adding loops with the press of the button.

Ultimately we could never imagine everything that a musician may want to do with the midiflorian, and that is just the point. It had to be a blank canvas.

Check out the videos section to see the midiflorian in action.


Supporting both standard MIDI and USB-MIDI, the midiflorian is packed with high end functionality at a price that competes with the most affordable controllers on the market


Each preset can send an almost limitless number of midi messages, to any device, on any midi channel.


The midiflorian allows for up to 16 banks, each containing 8 presets, for a total of 128 possible presets.

Momentary or latching

The quiet buttons allow different midi messages to be sent on press and on release. Optional button latching is also supported.

Open source

Open source freeware for Windows and Mac is included to effortlessly program your presets and share them with other users.


A core design principle was keeping the midiflorian as inexpensive as possible.


A programmable expression pedal is included plus a 6.35mm stereo jack for external expression pedals, buttons or sliders.


Live musicians need the midiflorian to last. Heavy duty stomp buttons and a steel body come standard.


Firmware upgradeable and future-proof. Suggest your "must-have" features.

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